“Travel far enough, you find yourself” – Cloud Atlas


Travel Posts

  • Springtime in the Rockies - A quick trip into Alberta to visit my Dad had us travelling through every imaginable weather system.  Not one mountain was visible going east on Wednesday due to heavy rain, gale force winds and snow.  Our trip home today made up for it with bright sun and snow covered breathtaking peaks.
  • Week 10 PV - Our winter home has an expiry date of March 31, so this will be the last post until we get home.  Today we experienced a birding tour with Echo Tours up in the Sierra Madre mountains.  Besides the 44 different species we saw, we visiting the town of San Sebastián.  A remarkable day with amazing… Continue reading Week 10 PV
  • Week 9 - Only a week and a half left.  Boy has this holiday flown by.  Other than our usual market routines, we bussed over to the new Isla Mall to see an art show.  I bought a sweet unframed watercolor of Mexican ladies cutting flowers for market.  Today we sat at the beach under a restaurant’s umbrella… Continue reading Week 9
  • Week 8 - Only a few more weeks left in paradise.  We have a routine between hanging out at our rooftop pool, walking the north beach looking for sea treasures (check out the Amber that appeared at my toes today❣), settling into a beach chair and watch people, boats & birds for hours at a time & Rick… Continue reading Week 8
  • Sailing the Wind - Rick has been trying for years to get me on a sailboat.  Today was the day.  A pretty 45′ Ketch owned by Ada Sailing out of PV.  6 hours of absolute delight.  Appies all morning, anything you wanted to drink & a 5* meal for 14 guests prepared in the galley.  We saw a dolphin… Continue reading Sailing the Wind
  • PV week 6 - It’s been a quiet week for us other than our trip into the Sierra Madre mountains to visit a village, a botanical garden, seen some amazing petroglyphs, moonshine homestead, rosewood carver & more. The day was wonderful with a BBQ at a hacienda where we ate at tables in a slow moving river. Quite the… Continue reading PV week 6
  • PV Week 5 in pics - When you are home living your everyday life you don’t notice the passage of time quite the same way as when you are on vacation.  5 weeks has gone by.  Crap….. Our pics this past week are mostly from our walks around town & beach.  Rick was still recovering, so we hung close to home.… Continue reading PV Week 5 in pics
  • Another week in paradise - This week was almost a duplicate of last with one really big exception.  This afternoon we watched from our balcony a female humpback and her newborn calf take her first breaths.  They stayed quietly in shallower water for some time, then she took the baby out a bit further.  Within the hour or so we… Continue reading Another week in paradise
  • PV week 3 - Can’t believe we’ve been here three weeks already.  After following the weather back home, we are thankful that we have sand instead of snow to walk through.   Not one drop of rain yet.  Average temps +27 and slowly creaping upwards.  Our condo & deck is cool thank goodness.  No direct sun. This past week… Continue reading PV week 3
  • Week 2 PV - The daily walks continue.  So much to see here.  Early this morning we ventured north on the beach across sand, rocks, boulders, and pebbles.  Watched a school of dolphins playing just outside the surf.  The big thrill for me was picking beach glass & beach pottery/tiles.  Not a large quantity but high in quality.  The… Continue reading Week 2 PV