Every photo tells a story.  Every story needs a photo.  I’m nothing more than an amateur taking pics with my Canon Rebel xsi EOS and Canon SX700HS point & shoots.  All automatic settings – don’t know how to use manual.  Happy just doing what I’m doing🙂

I love taking pics of nature & animals.  I’ll share some of my favorite from our travels and our own backyard.  You just have to be still, camera in hand and wait for opportunities.


Photography Posts

  • Good Morning - They are always a welcome sight first thing in the morning.  Our resident male protecting his backyard territory.  Females welcome of course.  We feed him well.  After all, it’s all about those babies that will arrive in the next few weeks to entertain us.  They are the delight of our backyard.  They approach everything and… Continue reading Good Morning
  • Fall Chickadee - I’m certainly not a pro; not even a good amateur really.  I just love getting a good shot.  Birds, wildlife & scenery are my favorite subjects.  I won’t bore you with dozens of pics; just a few of my favorite from time to time. This was taken last Fall, but I still love the quick… Continue reading Fall Chickadee
  • Prince Rupert in June 2016 - Prince Rupert – guided tour into a Grizzly Bear sanctuary Entering into the Khutzuymateen Inlet – home to 3000 sq miles of Grizzly sanctuary.  Google Earth along for the ride for map updating.  A very special place There are only three licensed tour operators entering into this passage.  All the Rangers & park operators live… Continue reading Prince Rupert in June 2016

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