Art Posts

  • Art Blocks - Using up an old upcycled bed one block at a time.  5″ square cuts make the perfect pallet for painting some fun flowers using chalk paint!  Yup, had cans and cans of FAT chalk paint in my cupboard, and was curious to see if it could be done.  The trick is to let your poured… Continue reading Art Blocks
  • Feathered - Two sets finally framed ready for the Artisan Market in Sorrento.  These were painted while in Puerto Vallarta; so they’re well travelled 🌴.  Three framed 4 x 6 original watercolors $65.00 each set
  • Curious  - It’s Spring 🌷 Who doesn’t ❤️ baby animals.  Just a bit of bunny love for y’all. 
  • Posing Pelican - Truly the entertainers of any beach.  Their humorous  antics and diving skills are a delight to watch for hours on end while laying on your lounger (drink in hand of course) watching the world go by.   They’re awkward yet have precision fishing techniques.  You wonder how they don’t break their necks.  
  • Urchins of Akumal - On our last trip to the Akumal area of Quintana Roo, we collected the most beautiful coloured shells of sea urchins.  My collection at home will be mounted and framed within shadow boxes.  This 5 X 7 watercolor not quite as delicate 🐚.  Would look very pretty in a bathroom.
  • Zen - Just a little zen.  Stacked rocks are fascinating.  Here in PV they create beach art in 6′ towers of the most incredible configurations.  All for tips 😄.  Here’s my tip: This 5 X 7 would look lovely in a studio, bedroom or bathroom.  
  • Feathers… - Day two of playing with colors on feathers.  Have to say, these are fun to paint.  I’ll make a few more sets for framing; 4×6 each in groups of three.  It’s choosing colors that is difficult 😄 interesting that I paint furniture and home decor every week and still have stress over color.  Crazy 
  • Feathers - Three 4×6 watercolor feathers will be framed together.  I think I’ll play with some lighter colors for next set.  There are no two feathers alike, so how can you go wrong, right? 😊
  • Forest Friends  - I love embroidery, so applied similar stitches into these watercolor forest friends.  Each will be mounted using small foam blocks on top of another piece of watercolor paper, then each will be framed out in barnwood for a finished size of 11 X 14.  They could be hung vertically or horizontally for impact.  I hope… Continue reading Forest Friends 
  • A Rose is a Rose - Sometimes you just need to break it down to the basics.  I’m not a detail painter.  This form of impressionistic painting is more my style.  Love these shabby roses; can’t wait to frame them up in a pretty painted frame.