DIY Posts

  • An ugly duckling… - I paint furniture.  Not everyone is onboard about that however.  There is a huge difference between fine antique furniture and used and abused furniture.  I don’t paint fine furniture. I can’t afford fine furniture.  That’s where chalk paint comes in…. My latest find; a rough messed up vintage cabinet.  Not pretty that’s for sure, but… Continue reading An ugly duckling…
  • Not just pretty flowers… - Do you collect mason jars?  I love them.  They get used every season for something.  My mom gave me an old canner with the basket many many years ago.  The canner moved on but I knew there was another purpose for the basket.  I found it recently in the storage room covered in dust.  Right… Continue reading Not just pretty flowers…
  • Air Plant Fun - Air plants are an amazing species of plant that are non toxic and naturally occurring since the beginning of time.  These little wonders started as water plants millions of years ago and were one of the first to become land plants, now they are air plants! What does this mean?  Well, they never require soil,… Continue reading Air Plant Fun
  • Spring Bird Nest Tutorial  - So happy Spring is arriving!  I love using nests in my spring decor, but not big on removing nests from the bushes & trees.  I’ll leave those for our returning feathered friends.  This tutorial is on my to do list when I get home.  StoneGable did a fabulous job on this tutorial and I’m sharing… Continue reading Spring Bird Nest Tutorial 
  • DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs - Egg shells have the perfect texture similar to cold press watercolor paper, so ideal for trying out some free hand flowers.  You can use any type of watercolor pigment – in tubes, pan style (children’s even!!).  I wouldn’t recommend watercolor pencils unless you want a more structured look.   To begin gather your hand blown… Continue reading DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs
  • Preserved Eucalyptus Wreath DIY, part 2 - After following part 1 of this tutorial on how to preserve your fresh eucalyptus, the fun begins on making your own wreath! Step 1 – gather all your materials (preserved eucalyptus stems, wreath form, floral or jewelry wire, garden clippers) Step 2 – I used a small 6″ wreath form, so I cut my lengths… Continue reading Preserved Eucalyptus Wreath DIY, part 2
  • Preserving Eucalyptus 🌿 - Even thousands of miles from home I still find a way to DIY.  That’s a true creative is it not?  Every Saturday in PV there is this amazing farmers market.  Fresh veggies, baking, fresh Mexican, Thai & Indian food, soaps, jewelry, glassworks, musical instruments, clothing, and of course fresh exotic flowers including huge bunches of… Continue reading Preserving Eucalyptus 🌿
  • Decoupage - My vintage (full figured) manikin had a white stretchy fabric over the main hard foam bodice.  Not very pretty; but functional in her day when used for dress making.  I wanted to create an interesting design that would provide a beautiful backdrop for displaying clothing & jewelry.  I don’t sew, but I do decoupage! I gathered together… Continue reading Decoupage
  • Designer Hardware - I found this great DIY on Pinterest during this past summer, and quickly made a handful because I was gaga over them.  I can’t wait to create more soon.  The tutorial found on the website will take you through the process as well as email you the templates that can be printed on either an inkjet… Continue reading Designer Hardware
  • Making of a Vignette - The process of creating an interesting vignette is easy.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box to make it interesting.  Shop your house – you have more than you think you do.  I pull together things that don’t necessarily “go together”, like this example below.  A wire basket, a couple vintage books, vintage rulers… Continue reading Making of a Vignette

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