An ugly duckling…

I paint furniture.  Not everyone is onboard about that however.  There is a huge difference between fine antique furniture and used and abused furniture.  I don’t paint fine furniture. I can’t afford fine furniture.  That’s where chalk paint comes in…. My latest find; a rough messed up vintage cabinet.  Not pretty that’s for sure, but had some nice bones.

Painting this anything but a fun bright color would have still made this an ugly duckling with a new paint job.  It needed to be brought back to life as the perfect accent table for the cottage.  My all time favourite summer color is Caribbean Blue from The FAT Paint Co.

Prep is the key people.  ALL painted surfaces need some prep; this had flaky stain and dings galore.  I gave it a good sanding with 220 and washed it with light soapy, then clear water.  After it dried I knew I’d have bleed through.  Mahogany is natorious for that; so she got a good spray all over with Zinsser cover stain primer (in white). 

I wanted a white & wood reveal, so the white primer was great for both purposes.  After two coats of paint, I finished it with FAT Clear Coat.  I wanted a nice slip to lay my FAT White Wax onto.  All over 😀 I wanted to lighten up the color a little bit, and add some coastal charm.

But first before waxing, I stencilled this charming starfish on the door using FAT Warm White.  After a light sanding of the dried stencil, the entire cabinet got white waxed and buffed to a nice shine.  I’d say she’s ready for the beach house! 🐚

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