Mothers & Daughters

I rarely have time for family reflections.  Who does.  Life is busy, families are just getting by balancing work, home, children, recreational activities & much needed downtime.  Although my child rearing is well past, I take an active role in my only grandaughters life.

We are a strong family of women.  I was born into women, I have two daughters; one has gifted me with her daughter; our granddaughter Madilyn; the other two grand dogs.  I personally believe life is harder for women.  I am not without fault (God knows I’ve made my share of poor decisions) but overall we women are hard wired for things beyond our control.  We nurture, we struggle with making the best decisions for our children, we organize, we love hard, we hurt hard, we are emotional, we work harder at succeeding, we fight harder for respect; our rights when it’s necessary.  So, we feel we fail sometimes, and soar higher than air thermals when we achieve our goals.  With dignity we plow through menopause & the effects of depleted hormones.  We’re really rock stars I swear!

I see all of this in my circle of women.  We’re a proud family.  I’m so proud of all of you.

Three generations; life is good 💜

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