Week 10 PV

Our winter home has an expiry date of March 31, so this will be the last post until we get home.  Today we experienced a birding tour with Echo Tours up in the Sierra Madre mountains.  Besides the 44 different species we saw, we visiting the town of San Sebastián.  A remarkable day with amazing vistas, farms, ranches (cowboys on horses is still their chosen method of working the ranch), coffee plantations, orange groves & the freshest air I’ve ever smelt in my life.  We will spend the next few days just absorbing PV life to round out a wonderful vacation.  Would come back here in a heart beat.  We’ve never experienced such warm, friendly & welcoming Mexicans from any of our previous 15+ years of travelling this country.

Some of the 40+ birds we saw

Lunch in San Sebastián with our guide Fernando

Local Senora of San Sebastián (notice her sweater!) it’s winter in the mountains, but we were hot & sweaty!

This is where our produce starts

Low tide pickins 

Sunday’s are a family day spent in the river & tidal pools

Statues along the Malecon

A siesta while waiting for parachute riders to show up 

A welcome along the Malecon

Our neighbor; a typical Mexican apartment style home

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