DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs

Egg shells have the perfect texture similar to cold press watercolor paper, so ideal for trying out some free hand flowers.  You can use any type of watercolor pigment – in tubes, pan style (children’s even!!).  I wouldn’t recommend watercolor pencils unless you want a more structured look.  

To begin gather your hand blown or boiled eggs, colors, a couple brushes (I used #’s 8, 4 & 2), glass of water, a piece of paper towel, and a paper plate or paint palette if using tube pigments.

Begin by holding the egg in one hand & dip your brush in water, then load some color onto the brush & start creating any flower shape.  The easier the better.  Once you have a few on there, lay back down to dry on another piece of paper towel. Start another egg and continue until flowers are done.  Start again with a dry egg and create some leaf shapes with various green/yellow colors filling in spaces as desired.  (I only painted one side).  If you make a mistake you can wash the egg immediately, but there will be a light coloured stain left on the egg.  Simply repaint those areas with the same color 🐰

Gather in a pretty bowl or basket!  

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