Preserved Eucalyptus Wreath DIY, part 2

After following part 1 of this tutorial on how to preserve your fresh eucalyptus, the fun begins on making your own wreath!

Step 1 – gather all your materials (preserved eucalyptus stems, wreath form, floral or jewelry wire, garden clippers)

Step 2 – I used a small 6″ wreath form, so I cut my lengths about 4-5″ long.  For a bigger wreath form, cut longer lengths.  Trim the leaves off the very bottom of each so you have some wood to wrap the wire around.  Bunch 3 or 4 together and tightly wrap wire three or so times around tightly, leaving a long tail. (The length of the tail will again depend on the size of your wreath).  Place the bunch on an angle on the form and wrap the wire tail around at least 3 times to secure it in place.  

Step 3 – continue to wrap bundles along the wreath making sure the new bundles are covering up the wired ends of the previous one.  The last one is tucked under the first bundle you secured.  Quick & easy!  Plus you just saved a pile of money!  My cost: $5 for a celo bag of fresh eucalyptus, .79 for a circle of jewelry wire & 1.50 for a 6″ wreath form. These are all Mexican prices, but even in Canada you can find good deals. 

Wrap some burlap ribbon around the form tucking it behind the leaves & hang!!

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