PV Week 5 in pics

When you are home living your everyday life you don’t notice the passage of time quite the same way as when you are on vacation.  5 weeks has gone by.  Crap…..

Our pics this past week are mostly from our walks around town & beach.  Rick was still recovering, so we hung close to home.  What I did find was an antique store.  Holy cow you have no idea that rush of adrenaline and joy when Rick pointed it out on our walk.  He’s so supportive and understanding of my weaknesses.  Yes I bought some things.  Yes I have to figure out how to get them home.  Two full floors of amazing things; their carved Mexican doors made me weep knowing they would never be mine. I’m going back in 😂😍

Friday night we had a lovely anniversary dinner at a sweet French restaurant.  Took our camera to get a pic, and came home to discover the settings on fishbowl 😳. Nope, not posting those.  

We have two trips arranged for this week & first week in March.  We are travelling into the Sierra madre mountains; visiting a small community and a botanical garden & in March spending a day sailing on a 45′ ketch sailboat.  They should be fun!   Check in next weekend for new pics❣

Colours of Mexico
Lovey Dovies (nesting on our rooftop)
Fresh squeezed too!
Sea marble!!
Two lovely ladies
Carved door extraordinaire
Antique shop
Antique shop
Antique shop

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