PV week 3

Can’t believe we’ve been here three weeks already.  After following the weather back home, we are thankful that we have sand instead of snow to walk through.   Not one drop of rain yet.  Average temps +27 and slowly creaping upwards.  Our condo & deck is cool thank goodness.  No direct sun.

This past week has been a quiet one.  Lots of walks, a nice dinner on the beach at sunset & our Saturday farmers market.  This week we found some vegetable glycerin to preserve two beautiful fresh bundles of eucalyptus.  The “how-to’s” are posted under DIY; check it out if you’re curious.  

On all our walks I’m looking for interesting doors & architecture.  A few new ones to share as well as another amazing sunset.  Videos of Pelicans & Frigate birds feeding, & the making of a fishing net.

Adios until next week….​

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