Preserving Eucalyptus 🌿

Even thousands of miles from home I still find a way to DIY.  That’s a true creative is it not?  Every Saturday in PV there is this amazing farmers market.  Fresh veggies, baking, fresh Mexican, Thai & Indian food, soaps, jewelry, glassworks, musical instruments, clothing, and of course fresh exotic flowers including huge bunches of eucalyptus.  I paid $100 pesos for two big bundles.  Now the fun begins.  Here’s how to preserve them:

1. Fresh trimmed branches (go ahead & try other woody stems) (see pic below)

2. A bottle of vegetable glycerin (drug store) see pic below

3. Boil water & add one part glycerin to two parts water & stir to dissolve.  Let cool.

4. Large sturdy container that can hold the volume of stems without falling over. 

5. Cut ends of your stems & trim off any broken or damaged leaves.  Add stems to container ensuring that the cut ends are submerged in the liquid.

6. Place container(s) in a dry cool place out of sunlight.  

Now this is where information differs.  Others suggest anywhere from 2-6 weeks.  Change out or add more liquid following the above formula if needed.  Adding food colouring to the liquid will also provide proof that the process is working as well as add extra color to the leaves.  

I’ll report my results when done!  My goal is to make wreaths to bring home.  If they’re preserved and supple, they should handle suitcase packing.  That’s the plan!!  

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