Week 2 PV

The daily walks continue.  So much to see here.  Early this morning we ventured north on the beach across sand, rocks, boulders, and pebbles.  Watched a school of dolphins playing just outside the surf.  The big thrill for me was picking beach glass & beach pottery/tiles.  Not a large quantity but high in quality.  The surf is big here, definite trick to getting to the small pebbles before the next wave gets ya.  

We spent one entire morning looking for a spice shop.  My mind pictured something very different than what we eventually found.  The basket of brooms & mops outside the door had me totally confused.  No signage either.  You just have to know where these places are. I now have a selection of currys.  All for about 1.50 and 3 hours work 😄

Rick went on a full day hike/excursion – a bus to Boca, then hiked for another 1.5 hrs to get to Los Anamos where the group of 30 or so were met with iced towels & cold cervasa along with a great Oceanside lunch.  A water taxi brought them back to the pier on the malecon.  I stayed home, did laundry & painted 😁

Grocery shopping at Walmart!  The local transit bus system is likely 30-40 years old, have lived their life bouncing along cobbled streets & not one piece of that bus was connected anymore I swear!  Talking was out of the question lol.  It was a cheap experience all for about .50 each.  Ride home equally entertaining.

Enjoy the pics…… The sunset from the other night, crazy beautiful.  And doors.  Because I like doors 😉

2 thoughts on “Week 2 PV

    1. The Egret is running back out of the surf “foam”. The beach pottery gets recycled into fish art mounted on either driftwood or barnwood. Beach glass I just love to toss into a glass bowl to enjoy!


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