Sea Horse

So I’ve had a few days to create some watercolors.  Felt so darn good.  It’s been years.  Here is my latest of a magical little sea horse…….

I took some creative license & applied colors that are vibrant and interesting.  Love this fellow so much, I think I’ll continue with a sea creature theme of small art pieces; perhaps a collection of three?  Maybe an octopus, angel fish or parrot fish?  What do you suggest?

So far none of my pieces are for sale, as I am building some inventory for the (new upcoming) venture being announced this winter.  Stay tuned!!!!  If you like my work, feel free to post a comment, like or share on FB.  Thanks!!  More coming from Puerto Vallarta 🙂sea horse full size.jpgThis sweet one measures 4″ x 7″

7 thoughts on “Sea Horse

  1. You are truly a gifted artist. Your interpretation of the seahorse makes it unique and so beautiful. Keep on painting! The world needs to see your talent!


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