I started painting with watercolors back in 2003. I have very few of my pieces left; all seem to have migrated to my family members.  That’s OK though, this winter I’m refocusing my artistic energy back into this beautiful medium.  I’m taking some supplies to Mexico with me this winter and hope to produce a few ideas that have been stewing in my brain.  Can’t wait to share them with you.

This is simply called “Skates” well, because that’s what they are lol.  I see all my flaws in it, but I guess all artists do the same.  We are too critical on ourselves.  So I try to look past them because they are all learning tools.   What’s your passion?  I’ll likely play with other mediums one day, but it’s a big financial commitment to change your style.  All those new products to buy!  Hope you enjoy.  Feel free to leave a comment or share.


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