Paper Book Wreath

There’s something about making it yourself.  It’s rewarding.  I collect used pieces from yard sales, thrift stores all year long.  In this particular project I picked up half a dozen well loved wire wreath forms for $1.   An old readers digest with yellowing pages for $.25 ; my trusty old glue gun & glue from the dollar store.  Here’s how to make your own.  Imagine this using old sheet music?  Berries harvested from a plastic Christmas spray.  Devine……


  1. Rip out those old book pages and using a very special tool (a highlighter or marker); place the marker on the middle of the page and using your other hand, gather the paper up and around and squeeze to create a petal.  Toss into a large bucket – you’ll need plenty (based on the size of your wreath form of course).  Mine is a large 24″ (I’m sorry I don’t have a pic of this process, but it’s so easy to do)  Make more than you think you’ll need – I had to go back twice to make more.  I used well over 100 for this.
  2. Lay out a drop cloth, gather up a green craft paint (I used FAT paint in Lily Pad).  Pour some paint onto a disposable paper plate; grab a paper petal and dip the ends into your paint.  Let the excess drip off a little and lay them out on the drop cloth to dry.  This could take a few hours, or over night depending on your paint.fullsizerender
  3. Ready to attach them?  Again, use a drop cloth and area where you can plug in your glue gun.  You can choose to bend the ends of your paper petal to fold around the wire, or make a divet into the bottom and press onto the wire.  (Once done, the backside isn’t so pretty, but if you don’t like what you won’t see anyway, you could glue on rings of felt to cover the back, just not the centre!) Bending the paper will decrease the amount of hot glue episodes on your fingers!  Don’t worry if they look wonky; or don’t stay upright at this point.  Just get them all on there as full as you can manage.  (We’ll do a bit of intervention later 🙂
  4. Once your petals are all in place, find those areas that you can see through or where the petals are falling backwards, or just need tweaking.  Grab a corner of one of the petals and pull it towards another that you can anchor to.  Dab a small amount of glue to one and press together.  Keep going until you are pleased with the result.
  5. Now is the time to add some red berries (or anything you want, but they must be lightweight to not crush your petals).  I used harvested red berries from an old Christmas spray.  Glue them in place wherever it pleases you hiding the stems.img_6361
  6. Well?  how does it look?  This lovely has a huge crushable factor – will need careful storage if you wish it to return season after season.  Thanks for following!!  img_6367



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