Prince Rupert in June 2016

Prince Rupert – guided tour into a Grizzly Bear sanctuary


Entering into the Khutzuymateen Inlet – home to 3000 sq miles of Grizzly sanctuary.  Google Earth along for the ride for map updating.  A very special place

We watched several Grizzlies make their way down to the ocean to fatten up on sedge grass (full of protein).  They were still pretty thin when we seen them in June.



There are only three licensed tour operators entering into this passage.  All the Rangers & park operators live along the inlet & all supplies are flown (or boated) in & out for them.  As we entered the waters we were cautioned to only whisper while outside on the decks.  The closer we got to the bears the quieter the hum of the motors and the only sound was the wind in our ears as we watched these majestic bears move about in total peace.


In total, our trip lasted 8 hours.  We travelled up the Chatham Sound and found our first Humpback Whale at the opening to Work Channel.

No breaching; just a lot of whale tales.  It was exciting never the less


As a special treat (as if the day wasn’t already spectacular!) the Captain stopped the boat & called in the eagles – too many to count!


They seemed to appear from out of no where -but there was a meat dinner awaiting them…….
Indian Head
The day wouldn’t have been complete without a photo op at the infamous Indian Head rock formation
Adventure Tours
If you are in Prince Rupert & want to tour the Grizzly Sanctuary in the Spring or Whale watching in the Fall I highly recommend Adventure Tours.  Their large boat is extremely comfortable & their staff highly trained & knowledgeable

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